A global spotlight is shining on tax like never before. More than ever, you need to have assurance that you are paying the right amount of tax while ensuring your stakeholders have a positive perception of your business. In a world of increasingly complex tax legislation, you also need to know how the rules affect you. Grant Thornton can help turn the challenges of zakat and tax to a manageable solution for your business.We take time to understand the issues that are important to you or your business. From there, we can support you on every aspect of your tax affairs. We manage your overall exposure to tax, guide you through complex local and international systems, and help you with everything from preparing returns to negotiating with authorities.

You will benefit from more than our technical expertise. You’ll also gain commercial insights that help you make better financial and business decisions. Whether you’re an individual, small business, entrepreneur or multinational corporation, you’ll receive the most effective tax solutions to support your goals. Our zakat and tax services include:

  • Compliance services
  • Delegation services
  • Advisory services

Businesses have a number of diverse needs in respect of their zakat and tax obligations. The team at Grant Thornton offer services which address each phase of a client’s needs, these services include:

Compliance services; we assist with

  • The preparation and submission of the zakat and tax returns
  • Obtaining final tax assessments/certificate
  • Responding to queries raised by authorities
  • Preparation and submission of withholding tax returns

Chairman & Executive Director

Mr. Mahmoud Mohammad Adileh


Senior Director - Assurance

Mr. Akram F. El Husseini


Delegation services; we assist with

  • Representation before the authorities on objections, appeal committees and negotiating settlements
  • Assist in assembling documents and responding to queries raised by authorities
  • Follow-up with authorities and resolve outstanding issues
  • Assist in obtaining the final tax certificate

Advisory services; we assist with

  • Corporate tax advice on local zakat, tax, and withholding tax issues
  • Local country registration and setup advice